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Sym. Studio has been selected for inclusion on the consultancy prequalification list for UrbanGrowth NSW (previously Landcom) for the following services:

–                Architectural Services

–                Landscape Architecture

–                Urban Design

The construction program was completed in 2011.

The structure of the urban landscape provides residence with a series of inter-connected spaces that lead residents on a journey down to the waters edge. A semi-private “seaside outlook” takes advantage of the magnificent view of Brisbane Waters and surrounding foreshore. This coastal location provides opportunities for the retirement community to interact with the tidal zone. A key design element was integrating rising water into this space. Rising sea levels combine with king tides causing the salt water to inundate the space several times a year. The potential destructive forces were mitigated, by integrating salt tolerant plants, gravel mulch and robust structural materials.

Please refer included photos.

Seaside Landing – view looking down from apartments

Foreshore Habitat – edge of Bioswale

Urban Landscape  (Soft Engineering) – Overland Stormwater Swale

Robust Materials – Pergola Trellis

Integrated Landscape – Overland Stormwater Swale

The construction phase is nearing completion. The Structural Landscape is almost complete and 90% the Soft Landscape has been installed to our strict quality control standards. Our clients expectation for the first stage of the project is being realised with “instant impact” planting that can be appreciated by existing and future residents alike.

“Seaside Cottage Garden”
Compact trees, shrubs and groundcovers have been selected for there pretty colours and soft shapes.
Plants are arranged informally creating an overall patchwork effect where a mix of native and exotic plants exist in perfect harmony.
Lush foliage and brightly coloured flowers attract birds and insects to reflect the distinct seasonal variations.
The garden serves to frame the beauty of its seaside location while maintaining a connection to its natural setting

Please refer included photos.

Seaside Landing – view looking northwest

Seaside Landing – view looking from waters edge east to building G

Building G – view looking northeast

Soft Engineering – Overland Stormwater Swale

Integrated Landscape – Overland Stormwater Swale

Integrated Landscape – view corridor

Building G – primary entry path

Removable Bridge /Basement Entry Ramp

The construction phase of the landscape is now well advanced. The Structural elements included Green Roof planter boxes, Feature Concrete Pathways, Safety Railings, Retaining Walls, Pergola Structure and Lighting Elements.

Please refer included photos.

Independent Living Unit (ILU) – Front Entrances

View looking north west from Building G

Sea Side Landing adjoining Brisbane Waters

Steel Pergola Posts

Steel Pergola Fixture Method

Coloured Concrete with Abrasive Surface Treatment

Concrete Paths – Colours delineate different usage – public/private

The Cove Retirement Living Village is located at Daley’s Point, Gosford Municipality.

We are a small team of in-house designers, with internationally recognised credentials. A high quality presence on the web is essential for our our business success. In 2008 we approached a web search optimisation company Potency PR and with their dedicated team were able to establish our platform for a good web site with great functionality. Adrian and his team were passionate about empowering smaller companies to be able to access and make changes to their web site without an intimate knowledge of any particular software packages.

In November 2009 we searched for a company that could provide us with assistance in moving our web site forward since we are a team of senior landscape designers who were heavily focused on landscape sustainability projects and therefore did not have the time to dedicate to ongoing web site management. Peppacode were recommended to us and we soon realised that they pride themselves on providing services to companies of various size and expectation but particularly small companies. Craig Cashmore was able to quickly and easily ascertain what it would take to achieve our web site goals and presented that to us in a logical and easy to understand format. At the forefront was the ability to relate to us as designers providing a service rather than a product therefore the look and feel of the site was seamlessly achieved. We were particularly impressed by peppacodes responsive customer service with an energetic approach to everything that they do.

We greatly appreciate the all of the assistance that both Adrian and Craig have provided to us and would highly recommend their services to any small business.

sym. studio management

sym. studio selected to join consultancy team for an exciting new project in Killara NSW.

Project Team includes:

Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects

ABC Planning

Willana Associates

Niven Donnelly & Partners

Wood & Grieve Engineers

Morris Goding Accessibility Consultants

“We are very excited to continue our successful relationship with this high quality consultancy team. We look forward to delivering another landscape experience that revitalizes the existing retirement village and provides new opportunities that will integrate into the natural surrounds and become the new focus of the community”.

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