Conrad Grayson – Director

Conrad has been practicing Landscape Architecture for over eighteen years and offers a broad range of experience in Australia, China and the United States. His involvement on many multi-scaled community, resort and commercial precincts, is testament to his collaborative approach in formulating innovative solutions for clients. His determination and enthusiasm for high quality outputs has gained him the trust, respect and support of many leading consultants and clients throughout the world. He previously held senior positions at several prominent organisations including Edaw (AECOM – Sydney & Denver), Nuszer Kopatz Urban Design (Denver) and Place Design Group (Sydney).

Conrad was a founding director of Sym Studio Pty. Limited in 2008 and is a Registered Landscape Architect and a Green Star Accredited Professional.

“It is imperative that we prioritise health and wellbeing when designing and programming outdoor spaces for people. Urban landscape design supplies us with the information and the tools to integrate people with their natural surrounds. A place must provide a rich tapestry of experiences through a series of linked spaces, providing a memorable journey which transcends time. When evaluating the success of a project we must consider the immediate responses and measure the long lasting benefits, both physically and socially. Focusing on aged care and the retirement sector allows us to measure responses in a relatively controlled environment. Evidence based behavioral practices  inform the design allowing us to go above and beyond the qualitative effects of the typical outdoor experience. Adding value to a project means designing versatile spaces that encourage connectivity and promote health and happiness.”

“Coastal environments and foreshore environments are an integral part of my life, having grown up surfing and recreating at the waters edge. It has enabled me to appreciate the physical and cultural dynamics as a whole and the individual ecological processes in detail. These natural environments are sensitive, vulnerable and highly valued, where resource competition is often concentrated. These environments are complex and sustain a broad spectrum of biodiversity. When we overlay human interaction we are faced with many additional pressures which require a design response that is sustainable. The challenge as designers is to respond with multilayered solutions that take advantage of the opportunities to preserve the integrity of these places. Extensive community consultation is combined with scientific assessment and a broad spectrum of foreshore knowledge to propose well considered solutions, that protect these rich environments for future generations.”

“The expertise and personality of Australian designers is extremely well regarded throughout the world and has seen great demand for their talent and skills. As a designer, I take the time to understand cultures respect the unique influences of climate and strive to deliver beautiful landscapes, that utilise local construction methods and materials.  I believe that evidence based design will take us into new frontiers where health, wellbeing and biodiversity will be valued over the long term and will be measured on their lifecycle cost to society. Today and tomorrow; environmental stewardship, cultural responsibility, architecture and design reach deep into the fabric of every community.”

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