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The construction program was completed in 2011.

The structure of the urban landscape provides residence with a series of inter-connected spaces that lead residents on a journey down to the waters edge. A semi-private “seaside outlook” takes advantage of the magnificent view of Brisbane Waters and surrounding foreshore. This coastal location provides opportunities for the retirement community to interact with the tidal zone. A key design element was integrating rising water into this space. Rising sea levels combine with king tides causing the salt water to inundate the space several times a year. The potential destructive forces were mitigated, by integrating salt tolerant plants, gravel mulch and robust structural materials.

Please refer included photos.

Seaside Landing – view looking down from apartments

Foreshore Habitat – edge of Bioswale

Urban Landscape  (Soft Engineering) – Overland Stormwater Swale

Robust Materials – Pergola Trellis

Integrated Landscape – Overland Stormwater Swale

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