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Jody Summers of Sym Studio was recently featured in the Sydney Morning Herald article, ‘A keen sense of place’ talking about the role of placemakers and growing understanding of the profession.

Jody Summers, “came to place making 10 years ago from landscape architecture and urban design. Her interest developed while working in the US – she says she felt there was “something missing” from the process of building communities.” Jody Summers, 2013

Click below to read the full article and learn more about careers in place making.

A keen sense of place’, featuring Jody Summers

Jody Summers is the National Place Making Manager at the diversified property group, Stockland Corporation Limited and the Creative Coordinator for a small design company, Sym Studio Pty Limited. With a design degree of Landscape Architecture from the University of British Columbia, Canada and associated New South Wales University, Jody has specialised in Visioning and Place Making services for 15 years including 9 years in management roles and 4 years in property development. She excels at facilitating creative processes and environmental & community development initiatives in diversified property and business development arenas with award winning outcomes.

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