Jody Summers – Creative Co-ordinator

Over the past fifteen years, Jody has been instrumental in a wide range of international and national projects that have led to many award winning collaborations with prominent firms and development organizations both overseas in Canada, United States and in Australia since 2005, including; Edaw (AECOM – Denver), DTJ Design (Boulder), Nuszer Kopatz Urban Design (Denver), Clouston Associates (Sydney) and Stockland (National).

Jody’s philosophy and approach to design is creative yet functional, collaborative and inclusive; interactive and clearly communicated; with clients and team members. Through her continued professional development and experience she has fostered a deep belief in culturally and environmentally responsive design solutions partnered with a creative vision and as a result, the embodiment of both the site specific and cultural context resonates through her project designs.

Jody customizes and tailors the place making process to each project ensuring the Genus Loci of a place is capitalised and a multi-disciplined approach is employed to deliver a sustainable and authentic placemaking strategy. By understanding the physical and social attributes of a place and matching them with the appropriate governance models, our communities can host prosperous, sustainable and liveable third places.

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